Training and Sensitization

Training And Sensitization

Knowledge has always been very crucial in every area of human development and our focus here is agriculture. The digital age has ushered us into the era of agriculture revolution where the traditional methods and ways of doing things are no longer efficient and profitable. For this reason, there is the need for farmer groups and agripreneurs to improve their knowledge through continuous training and development to enable us catch up with the rapidly changing and dynamic systems.

There has been immense development in the agriculture value chain over the years in the areas of inputs, management practice, production, processing, storage, marketing and distribution. You either keep up or you get left behind! AgriWoman believes that with consistent training and sensitization of existing farmers and new farmers, farming across all sectors will be improved. Special channels will be used to reach our uneducated rural folks, specialized teaching and learning tools will be used to also support the small holder farmer and less complex technologies will be deployed to assist them in their daily activities.

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