My name is AgriWoman aka ‘Green Fingers’. Some of my friends also call me ‘Akuafo Hemaa’, the first ever female agricultural Super Heroine. With your help, we will champion a campaign to change negative perception associated with farming and help stimulate the interest of everybody, convincing them to engage in one form of farming or the other. The world population is increasing rapidly and very soon there will not be enough food to feed the world unless something drastic is done immediately. This is why we have to come together and educating everyone in the most creative and exciting ways possible.

It is my aim to promote agriculture especially among children, teenagers, the youth and women by increasing their awareness on how they can contribute to the worlds growing food challenges. We can achieved this by transforming the negative perception associated with farming. I will open up the beautiful world of farming to my audience through education and entertainment. This will be thought provoking and make us all take action. Together we will undertake many activities and programs that will help us tackle the challenges related to food safety, nutrition and food security.

As the first female super heroine in agriculture, I will not only empower my followers to take action and help address agricultural challenges, but will also encourage them to become agriculture ambassadors. The message of AgriWoman is clear, ‘’The future is ours’’ (put CULTURE back into agriCULTURE). This is a revolution that will sweep the entire universe and it is aimed at involving everyone to first of all love one another, promote sustainable agriculture, food safety and security, end hunger and protect the environment. We wish to partner the media, improve agriculture education and inform citizens and direct public attention to the importance of agriculture in national development and wealth creation.

Come with me on a journey to help feed the world. TOGETHER WE SHALL!!
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