Membership Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Club Membership

By joining AgriWoman Club, you agree to the club rules, regulations and conditions of termination of membership and to provide true and accurate information required by the registration form. False information would revoke the membership.


1) All Members are to conduct themselves in a lawful and respectful manner during events. AgriWoman Club would not be held liable for misconduct.

2) Should there be any related issues or concerns amongst members, the members should voice out to the Admins so as to maintain harmony within AgriWoman Club at all times.

3) Membership fee will be paid on voluntary basis except in cases of paying for trips and special programs.

4) Members will have to wear the Club T-shirt neatly for all AgriWoman Club events.

5) Members will have to stand together with AgriWoman Club at all events as they represent the Club to show unity.

6) Members would have to follow the Admins’ instructions during events.

7) For AgriWoman private gatherings, all members are not allowed to use their own cameras as we will have an official photographer to do the photo-taking. The photos will be available for access to all members after the gathering. We seek your understanding as it is private gathering and we do not want any unnecessary circulation of photos outside AgriWoman. However, members can use their own cameras during the solo-picture taking session and at pubic events.

8) Confidentiality about any upcoming news or updates regarding AgriWoman should be kept unless told otherwise.

9) Members are not allowed to distribute exclusive materials such as photos & passwords to links to the public without approval.

10) The Admins reserve the right to the handling the case of any member who disobeys the rules and regulations above.


AgriWoman may terminate membership at anytime if any member’s conduct fail to be satisfactory.

Member can terminate their membership anytime by writing to with the title Termination Of Membership.

Members are to state their reason to terminate membership, if any. Upon termination of membership, member’s rights to privileges ceases.

AgriWoman Club will not be held liable (in any way) for any accidents/deaths/injuries or damages involving any of our participants.

AgriWoman Club reserves the rights to refuse participation to anyone for any unrevealed reasons.

In defence of AgriWoman, AgriWoman Club takes it all to protect the personality. This includes any decision(s) and/or action(s) that may protect the personality from possible harm, defamation and/or negative implication(s).

Members of AgriWoman Club are to abide by the Rules and Regulation listed.

Violations of these Rules and Regulation would mean the termination of the membership. AgriWoman Club will have the final decision in the membership status.

By joining AgriWoman Club, you agree to provide true and accurate information required by the application form. False information would revoke the membership.

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