Church & Mosque farms

Church and Mosque Farms

One of the biggest problems facing the world at large is youth unemployment. Many social interventions have been targeted at solving this challenge but it still persists. AgriWoman believes that, farming especially livestock and fish production has a great potential to help address the problem of unemployment.

The interesting irony about this problem is that the viable solutions stare us in the face. Principally, Ghana has huge spatial resources, human resource and the institutional structures and policies to support the development of agriculture.

Religious organizations are a very important part of our development and have helped shape our society in many ways. We acknowledge the efforts that some religious organizations have put into developing agriculture, however we know that a lot more can be done. AgriWoman will support the development of religious farms across the country. The farms will generate revenue, provide vocational training for interested members, create employment, improve national food stock and help ensure food safety and security. Operation “Feed the soul, Feed the body” will bring religion closer to the people and help draw more people to God.

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