Welcome to AGRITOURISM where we support agriculture whilst learning about cultural diversity and farming in the most educative and entertaining way. Join us on a tour and we promise you that there will be no regret!!!

Agritourismgh welcomes people from all walks of life. Local, foreign, young, old etc. and without regards to race, gender and social status. One thing unites all of us and that is our love and passion for farming and a touch of nature.

We look forward to meeting with you all especially students from respective Primary, Secondary, Technical, Vocational and Tertiary institutions as well as groups from Churches and Mosques. Specialized tours can be booked by individuals, families, groups, fun clubs and organizations. Agritourism has partnered over 100 farm owners and established destinations throughout Ghana covering all the sixteen regions in Ghana. We are capable of offering a mix of farm experience ranging from crop, livestock, poultry, and aquaculture.


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