It is often said that knowledge is power. We also know that for the lack of knowledge humanity perishes. One of the most important aspects of human life is what we eat. “You are what you eat” we often say. But how much do you know about what you eat? Do you know how the food you eat is produced before it gets to you? Lastly, are you aware of the actual impact that the food you eat has on your body and health? What we consume is very important in the total makeup of our health and wellbeing. However, we make very little efforts to learn, understand and appreciate the role that farming and food plays in our everyday life. There is the need to revive the interest in agricultural matters and improve our knowledge about the basic farming practices, nutrition, diet and the value chain processes that ensures that food gets to our table.

AgriQuiz is a fun platform on which knowledge is shared through exciting and brain stimulating quizzes and trivia. “From Farm To Fork” is a family quiz program to be hosted on both radio and television. The main target is families who will phone into radio sessions or be part of a live television studio program. Very exciting times ahead….it is going to be educative, fun and entertaining.

Keep hooked to AgriWoman for updates on AgriQuiz. From Farm To Fork…..Coming soon!

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